Devin Kennedy was raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles. He was given a drum set for Christmas at two years old, and from there his musical journey began. After years of drum, voice and guitar lessons and many live performances with a punk band he fronted through high school, Devin was accepted into Berklee College of Music, where he combined his love of singing, writing and producing in multiple genres into a unique blend of urban pop that has become his trademark. After launching his first solo songs in 2018 to critical acclaim, Devin was voted Hollywood Music In Media’s “Best New Emerging Artist”, and he's amassed over 900k streams in the past year. 


"A student of Berklee College of Music, Kennedy’s heritage runs deep in his bones. His early learnings of drums, bass, guitar and piano is omnipresent on “Waste of Time,” which playfully explores tribal patterns in modern filters, and his voice is sensual but authoritative." - Jason Scott, B Sides and Badlands

"Highly unique and original from most pop tracks these days, Devin has found a niche between dance audiences and mainstream sensations. We're digging it!" - James Brookes, Gas Mask Magazine

"Devin flexes his skills as a vocalist while also laying down smooth production and displaying a knack for accessible songwriting...A life long musician, Devin continues his push as an artist, studying at acclaimed Berklee College of Music." - Brian Delaney, Rockdafuqout

"There is so much raw power behind  Kennedy’s vocals that it is nearly impossible to do anything else besides be captured by his perfectly crafted rhythm and skill." - Madison Blom, Imperfect Fifth

"Being such a young musician, and wise beyond his years, upon speaking with Devin the talented musician closed with this one profound statement “Be kind, always. There’s no other way. Kindness is something that’s deeply important to me. It’s something that my grandparents and parents have always tried to instill into my whole family.”" - Chad Pearen, WHYTT Magazine

"His image to me seems far less squeaky clean or smartly cut than the average dance-pop dreamer tends to be – perhaps it’s the guitar, the emotional expressions or the cool and calm demeanor. This alternative angle also runs throughout his music, just subtly, and it’s something you really come to appreciate and find quite refreshing within his work." - Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman 

Pop, R&B


Shawn Mendes


Charlie Puth

Niall Horan

One Direction

The Weeknd

Production Credits

James Maslow

The Habits

Trevor Douglas

Stone Temple Pilots

Mr. Big 


& more. 


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